You are going to start a business in a new country, but there still are some uncertainties, or you simply don‘t know, how to begin? We will handle all the formalities, set up for you a “turn-key” company and provide assistance in conducting its economic activities. Alternatively, you will be able to create a start-up joining our RPI business incubator.

Вы планируете создать свой собственный бизнес в эмиграции?


Но есть сомнения, или вы не знаете с чего начать? 
Мы уладим все формальности, откроем для вас фирму под ключ и окажем вам поддержку в ведении независимой компании или предоставим возможность

открыть start-up фирму в условиях бизнес-инкубатора.

Дважды щелкните, чтобы добавить свой бизнес-девиз

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Development and Entrepreneurship for Foreigners

Rozwój i przedsiębiorczość dla imigrantów (           )

Sustainable development, project support and business assistance for members of our club

Welcome at RPI

RPIclub — The First Community of Foreign Entrepreneurs in Poland

This platform brings together entrepreneurs from different countries and various business areas towards building mutually beneficial cooperation based on their common cultural property.

Our services regarding company registration and business support

RPIclub —Your Business Community in Poland

Knowledge and strategic experience for a launch and development of your business in Poland

Project mission

Our project is set up as a platform targeting collaboration of the foreign entrepreneurs representing various business areas and sharing common cultural values. Our main task is to help them to establish successful professional relations in the Republic of Poland, as well as in other European countries. Our project actively supports all immigrants, who is going to start and develop a business in Poland and the European Union.

What services do we offer?


Providing consultations

on legal, tax and accounting matters


Conducting trainings

next step is online training


Offering assistance and support


Делимся знаниями и опытом

например, семинары и конференции

накопленными за многие годы работы


Предлагаем взаимопомощь и поддержку

которые особенно необходимы начинающему предпринимателю в другой стране

 «Почему мне важен этот проект? Потому что, как и вы, однажды приехав в Польшу, я искала поддержку и возможность развиваться. Не найдя готового решения, я сама открыла организацию RPIclub и «Первое Сообщество Предпринимателей в Польше».

Project Lead Ludmila Haman is in charge of event management for seminars and business meetings: 

“Why is this project so important for me? Once moved to Poland, just like you, I was looking for development opportunities and support.

I haven’t found a pre-designed solution and have decided to create it by myself by establishing the Foundation RPIclub and the "First Community of Foreign Entrepreneurs in Poland".
























Почему мне важен этот проект?


Потому что, как и вы, однажды приехав в Польшу, я искала поддержку и возможность развиваться.

Не найдя готового решения, я приняла решение  открыть  организацию RPIclub и «Первое Сообщество Предпринимателей в Польше».

Photo report on our events


Design your FUTURE by yourself —

Start a new chapter in your life!

RPI Service Package

Company registration and business support

Starting a business in Poland

Registration of a Limited Liability Company

Registration of a Polish company offers a range of advantages for an entrepreneur. We provide a full range of business registration services in Poland: RPI team of professionals will take care of all formalities and document flow, so you will be able to focus on economic activities. To get informed about the benefits of cooperation, please contact us.

The most convenient organisational and legal form for a foreign entrepreneur doing business in Poland is Sp. z o. o. (Spółka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnością). To register this analog of a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a foreign entrepreneur does not need to fulfil any additional requirements that might be necessary for registration of other forms of business. Highly experienced professionals at RPI will advise you on advantages of setting up this company form and its alternatives.

Opening a company: 5 easy steps

A business registration process consists of few stages



Submit the application form providing your contact details and short description of the future business activities.



Once we received from you the data required for company registration and signed with you a cooperation agreement, we will immediately initiate the registration process. The whole process takes approximately 14 business days.




We will contact you and discuss all relevant details regarding business registration process, initial amount  and required documents.



When the company registration is completed and all the relevant information is available in the Polish registries, you will be able to check all the legal data by yourself.


Upon you request, we will provide you with further support, e.g. assist in account opening in Polish banks or offer a service for financial and legal matters, including tax specifics.

RPI company provides a comprehensive client assistance and an extensive servicing package:

  • Accounting services

  • Legal advisory                       

  • Consulting on tax matters

  • Administrative support         

  • Help in obtaining a residence permit

  • Assistance in getting a work permit                

  • Advising on business development

  • Maintaining office assistance                  

  • Providing a virtual address / office

  • Coworking - shared working environment                             

  • Granting a conference room access

  • Setting up meetings and briefings 

  • Organising conference calls

Additional bonus: should you choose, we will personally meet you in Poland and offer our assistance at all stages of business opening and growth.

In case you are not able to visit Poland in person, our company also provides a remote business registration service — we will take care of the entire process.

Legal services for obtaining residence and work permit

Opening your own company and running business in Poland makes it possible to obtain a residence permit. Residence permit for a foreign entrepreneur will be granted, if certain conditions are met. As a founder of a Polish company you are also enabled to employ foreign workers, however in some cases application for a work permit for the foreign employees will be required. Obviously, accessing all the nuances of the foreign legal system on your own — is not that easy task. Experienced professionals in our RPI team will analyse your individual case and consult you on all the relevant details in order to correctly handle a document flow and guarantee a quick and successful application process.

Accommodation service in Poland

Finding a right place to move in is one of the main issues in a cross-border relocation process. We will help you by sharing the most relevant information about the Polish real estate market. If you like, our company can also support you with a real estate search in Poland.

Manage your time better

- Contact us!

Business incubator

RPI Incubator works like a platform allowing new market players and freelancers from abroad to start own business in Poland. Creating a virtual company by joining the business incubator programme makes it possible to work globally with both individual clients and companies.


This is a right solution for entrepreneurs, who are just starting own business. If you are not yet familiar with all the finest details of Polish market, tax issues, legal aspects, or you simply are not sure, how to begin — the incubator will take care of all the formalities and structure a process step-by-step allowing a smoother start for your business.


RPI Incubator allows new players to test their business ideas at minimised risk and cost, and to start receiving first income without a necessity to go through the company registration process.

The key advantages of a business incubator membership compared to an independent entrepreneurship:

  •  Running a business is possible without registering own company
  • Being entitled to use the business incubator legal data
  • Maximal cost optimisation
  • Minimising risks when starting a new business

  • Securing administrative, legal and financial support

  • Feel free to change your mind: quickly adjust the type of activities or even close the business

If you got interested in the incubator business approach and look for further details, RPI team is standing by to provide them to you. Please contact us.

Service Packages

Package «STANDARD»

We’ll turn your business idea into a pure success story with the precision of a jeweller

Package «DIAMOND»

We’ll polish your business idea as a finest gemstone and turn it into a real diamond


  • Accounting services

  • Legal advisory

  • Consultations regarding tax matters

  • Administrative support

  • Consulting services onsite and on phone

  • Membership in RPIclub Business Community 

  • Accounting services

  • Legal advisory

  • Consultations regarding tax matters

  • Administrative support

  • Consulting services onsite and on phone

  • VIP-membership in RPIclub Business Community

  • Personal consultation on developing a unique launch strategy for your products and services on the Polish market

  • Advise on best marketing options for setting up your business project on internet platforms

  • Consultation on designing professional homepage for your products and services

  • Marketing assistance for website or landing page promotion (SEO, SEM, SMM) on the Polish market 

RPI’s cooperation benefits

We are offering comprehensive company registration services in Poland: RPI's team of experienced professionals will handle all the formalities and provide a technical support, and you will be able to focus on the business development.

Our organisation ensures a compliance of applied registration methods with the legal framework of the Republic of Poland.

Our main features:

  • Competitive pricing policy

  • Professional assistance

  • Focus on client’s objectives and needs

To get informed on the cooperation benefits, please contact us.

Principle of 5 “P” — five parameters that will make you feel comfortable working with us:




We will quickly prepare all documents needed for a company registration based on the information you submitted. We can provide our service to you remotely.

We will advise you for free on suitable marketing strategy and business development.


Вы гарантированно получаете полное сопровождение на всех этапах ведения бизнеса, а также нашу личную поддержку и консультирование.

You will get a full control over the entire company’s registration process.


Сумма Вашей чистой прибыли — это слагаемое всех этих параметров успеха.

We will ensure that you receive our comprehensive support at all business steps, as well as our personal assistance and advice.

Your net profit is the sum of all these success parameters.

Advantages of opening a company in Europe

  •   Poland is one of the most attractive places for starting and developing a business in the European Union. You will be able to lead your organisation towards a success in a country with a sustainable development.
  • Establishing an independent company or creating a project in a business incubator makes it possible to obtain a residence permit in Poland.

  • As a founder of a Polish company, you will be entitled to receive a financial support at the lowest interest rate for the business development from a special fund of EU. 

What do our clients tell about us?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The most discussed topics

Which requirements apply to non-residents for opening an equivalent of a Limited Liability Company in Poland?

You will only need a copy of your password and a valid visa to establish a Limited Liability Company (in Poland it’s Sp. z o.o.). A residence permit (Karta pobytu) and a residence registration (Meldunek) arę not required for this purpose. According to the laws of the Republic of Poland, a foreigner has the same rights to perform business activities within an analog of LLC as Polish residents and citizens. Contact us and receive a consultation on administrative and financial matters, e.g. required amount of share capital.

Can I get a residence permit in Poland, if I register a company and start a business?

Вы имеете полное право нанимать на работу иностранных граждан, но для этого вам потребуется оформить для них разрешение на работу в республике Польша. Процедура является довольно сложной, но мы с готовностью предоставим вам свою помощь.

Which legal reason will I have to visit and stay in Poland, if I have opened a Polish company?

Opening a company and providing the relevant documents allows you to obtain a multi-visa (business visa) for visiting and staying in Poland and the countries of the Schengen zone for up to 90 days during each half year period. (Co-)founders of the company as well as management board members are entitled for obtaining a visa. In case you are interested in a business relocation, we will assess your individual case and work out the most suitable solution.

Can I employ a foreigner in my Polish company?

При получении мультивизы (бизнес визы) у вас появится возможность пребывания в странах шенгенской зоны до 90 дней в течении каждого полугода.

Believe in your FUTURE of a successful entrepreneur!

Contact us.

Contact information



(+48) 889 308 007    (+48)535216308




Wiertnicza 99

Wilanów  02-952, Warszawa,


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